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5 Tips For Apartment Living With Kids

5 Tips For Apartment Living With Kids


Apartment living with kids may sound a tad restrictive in terms of having room to romp and roam, but there are a lot of small tips and tricks that can make apartments living with kids not only convenient, but fun! Check out our list of 5 of our go-to tips below:



When your items have a designated space, it is much easier to return them. The process of doing this will greatly benefit you in the long run! Create the necessary designations to give everything a home, and watch as suddenly everything has a place it can fit.



Toys are frequently known to be the hardest items to organize because they typically end up all over the place. When there are random toy sets scattered throughout your space, it is easy for your life to feel more chaotic. This is why we suggest using simple toy supplies such as bookcases, organizational bins, or plastic containers to help organize those toys. You can also invite your children to get involved with the set-up! This will allow them to feel like they contributed, and will be more likely to stick with the designated process.



One of the things that we love most about kids is their creative minds, but we know that you can struggle to think of where you’re going to place their creative masterpieces. Before you start your next art project with them, select a spot on the fridge, wall, or in a bedroom, where you can place it once it’s complete. Deciding before-hand will clear up any confusion about where the masterpiece will go after it is finished.



When you live in the East Village area, you are within walking distance to so many parks, local shops, activities, and more. If you ever feel like you need a break from your home, take that as a sign to take the kids out and explore East Village! As an added bonus, getting outside will help your kids to burn some energy. 



Perhaps the easiest way to avoid a lot of stress in the long-run is to start simple in the first place. If you’re not using items, don’t keep them in your home. Minimalists simply only keep items that they know are essential to them, limit the number of their belongings, and they increase their quality. This can really help you to feel more organized within a matter of moments. Declutter all your non-essential items, and then find organized ways to store the items that you and the kids do love.


We hope that these tips help you and your family to create comfort in your home here at The Hat. Also, we currently have an awesome childcare promotion going on until the end of the end of this month!

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